What Now...

Gwenyth turns 11 months!

This cutie pie just turned 11 months!

This little purple ear mark was from a battle with the coffee table. Just wanted to remember this injury.

This is my best attempt at capturing her two front teeth! She is a mover. We finally grew two teeth!

She loves Mr. Bear and carries him around all the time!

Alright Gwenyth, what to say about my 11 month old! Well Gwen, you:

Love to walk/run all over the place!

Love to eat everything, even spicy foods and mostly meats! (just like dad)

Finally grew your first tooth, on Mommy’s birthday your first one popped up! Now you have two bottom teeth coming in nicely.

Broke your first bone

Weigh 17.6 pounds. (you lost some weight while you were sick and broken)

Still fit into 6 month clothes still!

Are growing hair slowly but surely!

We love you Gwen and know that 11 months was a big month for us all and will be remember for a long time to come!


The tale of the broken bone

Alright everyone, this is the story everyone had been asking about! How Gwenyth broke her wrist. It was on Thursday April 3rd around 2:30pm. Gwenyth was just playing in the front room and she tripped on herself, as she often does, and that is when I saw she wasn’t getting up and she was crying. I went over and picked her up off the floor and her shoulder was definitely not right. She had dislocated her right shoulder and her arm was limp and she was all crooked looking. So, I took her shirt off to double check that it was in fact her shoulder, and yes it was wrong! I went into panic mode and immediately started to gather things to go to the ER, I called my mom to see what I should do and she call my pediatrician’s office and then let me know they were closed so I should go to the InstaCare. I buckled Gwenyth into the car seat and drove to the InstaCare on Van Winkle. When I got there and took her out of her car seat it seemed that her shoulder was fine and had popped back in place. I still went inside thinking we needed to get it checked still. As we were waiting to see the doctor Gwen was playing with the other kids there, so I thought that she was fine. I was about to leave, and we were called back so I decided to wait it out. 

Side note, Gwenyth had no shirt or shoes on, and was very dirty because I had let her play outside earlier! I basically looked like I was homeless with my homeless baby! Also, Gwenyth had been sick for like a week and had the dried boogers and food face. So, we were really looking prime!

The doctor came in and was squishing her right arm all over and checking her joints. Gwenyth kept pulling her hand away when he touched her wrist/hand, but I didn’t think anything of it because she doesn’t like when her hands are touched anyways. The doctor said just to be safe he was going to x-ray her right arm to check everything out. When he came back with this picture I immediately started to well up with tears, sure enough she had fractured her right wrist. 

They put a splint on it and told us to call the Orthopedic Specialist to schedule an appointment to get a hard cast. We will go in tomorrow to see what they say. The past 5 days have been brutal!! Not only did Gwenyth fracture her wrist, she has a lingering cold/cough and then to top things off she got a virus or bug from the InstaCare! We have had diarrhea for the past 5 days! She hasn’t eaten very much of anything, and has been extremely tired and in turn cuddly! So, I have semi loved the cuddles and loves, but despised the diarrhea! I have done more laundry in the past 5 days then I remember ever doing in my life! But this picture sums up how Gwenyth has felt about the past few days. My poor little goose!

She’ll hate me one day for this one.

The saddest part has been watching her learn to cope with the cast, she was trying to get some Chex out of her cup and her huge cast wouldn’t allow it! Bless her cute little heart! We have to get them out for her.

Nicholas watched her on Friday night so we could go on a date and she fell asleep on him! How cute.

Bath time has been a challenge as well, we made our own cover for her cast out of plastic wrap.

We are plugging along anyways! We love you Gwenyth and you will laugh about all this one day!


The best part about her broken bone…the cuddle time. She is so snugglie. 💕 #gwenythadelaide


We suffered our first broken bone. Fractured wrist. Sad day for parents and baby. 😥 #gwenythadelaide


Lunchtime with this lady. Just wish she had teeth to actually eat all of it! #gwenythadelaide


Ten Months

Gwenyth and Rylee hanging out. Look at those cutie pies!

This little doll face is 10 months old! I can’t believe how much you have grown.

Well Gwenyth, you:

Weigh 17.9 pounds!! You are growing so fast.

Love to eat everything!

Like to climb into and on top of anything and everything. You especially love to climb under the kitchen table and through the chairs.

Love to chase the dog and play with her. Vera doesn’t really like it, but you LOVE it!

Like to throw your food all over the place when you are done eating.

Like to through things out of the crib and onto the floor. Or over the baby gate onto the other side, you think it is hilarious.

Love it when daddy comes home from work and picks you up.

Love to watch Vera play fetch.

Love, love, love, and I mean LOVE to eat meat! You are a carnivore for sure! We all know you get that from your dad. 

Are working on growing teeth, they are so close…yet so far! (maybe next month)

Love to explore.

Love your mommy. You are in a phase where all you want is to have mom there close.

We love you Gwenyth Adelaide and can’t believe how incredibly special you are! You are a talented little baby, and we can’t wait to see you blossom into a talented young lady! We love you more every day!

Mom & Dad


Gwen Skis! 10 Months Old


10 month old skiing champ

We took Gwenyth skiing up at Solitude on March 19 and she wasn’t as fond of it as we thought she would be. It was also nap time, so that could have played a big factor into her attitude. But here it is anyway. She actually did really well!

Jamey and Michelle found these sweet skis at a garage sale and were nice enough to let us join them at Solitude on Saturday! Wellington is amazing! He is 18 months old and he kills it! (you can check it out in the video)

Look at those cute little boots! They go up to her knees.

Look at that face! You can tell this is definitely one of her most enjoyed moments in life.

Here is the close up! Pure joy!

After she was done skiing, we moved on to sledding, and she loved it! Her and Wells were just too cute to watch.

Look at those cousins!

Thanks again Jamey and Michelle for letting us join you guys! Hopefully we have some skiing buddies forming!


9 months

So I might have forgotten to take her 9 month old pics, so this is what we have…a random bunch of pictures.

Gwenyth Adelaide is now 9 months old! What do we know about her:

She loves to walk/run/face plant!

She loves to eat! Blueberries & Bananas are her favs, along with any and all meat! She doesn’t mind spice either. She loves curry, Thai, Mexican and Italian.

She loves to explore and get into everything!

She loves to laugh with dad.

She still doesn’t have any teeth…as you can see.

She is slowly gaining hair.

She is 28 inches and weighs 16.8 pounds.

She climbs up on everything, and loves to jump.

She loves to crawl under the table and through the chairs.

We love you Gwenyth Adelaide, and can’t believe how big you are! Love you lady!


Random days of February

Grandma Roberts passed away a few weeks after this photo was taken, we had the opportunity to hang out with Grandma a lot in the last few weeks, she loved holding Gwenyth.

This picture proves it!

Jordan took the family on a fun date night to the Ice Castles in Midway! I had been dying to go and it didn’t disappoint! We loved them and would recommend everyone to go and see them! We have never seen Frozen, but the kids say it is like being in the movie. They have lights that change color inside the sculptures and it is pretty rad.

We ran into Micheal Price and his date there and we saw like 4 other people that we had gone to high school with! It was really random and fun.

We went down to Beaver for President’s Day weekend to visit Tracy and Jesse, we had a blast! We really miss having them in Salt Lake. We had a picnic up the canyon and learned about random things that Park Rangers do. (thanks Jesse)

Tracy taught me how to golf…redneck style! It was really fun! We hit the balls into the backyard full of shrubs and stuff, then we rode the 4wheeler and collected them all. Vera also helped collect, she sure does love the Ranch!

Look at that form!

Overall we had an amazing weekend! Thanks guys for letting us crash and party! Can’t wait for next time!